Solar Maintenance Solutions

SunPower Sea Bright Solar has demonstrated excellence in consultation, system design, permitting, installation, backup storage, and maintenance, earning our customers’ trust for almost 20 years. We provide various servicing requests, including panel cleaning, replacement, repair, and more!

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    If this is an emergency repair, please call our office at (732) 450-8852

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    solar service technician reviewing performance of a commercial solar system
    • Full Solar Upgrades
    • Solar Tune-Ups / Panel Cleaning
    • Solar Repairs
    • Remove and Reinstall
    • Remove and recycle
    • Electrical Audit
      • Voltage testing
      • Inspect wires for damage or movement
      • Check for critter damage and nesting.
    • Roof & Attic
      • Silicone, boot, and flashing check
      • Roof quality and degradation check
      • Inspect wires for damage or movement
    • Buyer/Seller Inspections for Real Estate Agents