Solar Maintenance Solutions

SunPower Sea Bright Solar has demonstrated excellence in consultation, system design, permitting, installation, backup storage, and maintenance, earning our customers’ trust for almost 20 years. We provide various servicing requests, including panel cleaning, replacement, repair, and more!

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    If this is an emergency repair, please call our office at (732) 450-8852

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    These services are typically done when a customer has a re-roof project.

    • Safely decommission system
    • Temporarily remove system
    • Equipment left ON SITE
    • Customer re-roof 
    • Wash panels while on the ground
    • Reinstall system – Sea Bright to install all NEW roof flashing and apply 30-year roof sealant
    • Re-commission system

    This service is typically done when a customer is re-siding their home

    • Remove inverter, conduit, j-boxes, etc.
    • Store on-site
    • Reinstall inverter 
    • Re-commission inverter

    On The Roof

    • Clean the entire array with industry-approved equipment and environmentally-safe cleaning solutions
    • Solar Panels – Visibly inspect array for soiling, cracks, burn marks, etc. 
    • Racking Inspection
    • Ensure modules are properly secured – Make sure mid and end clips are tight
    • Wire management – Inspect to confirm all wires are secured and not dangling on the roof. Wire tie, if accessible
    • Check for debris build-up under Array 
    • Check for critter infestation under Array
    • Check for any noticeable shading issues

    On The Ground – Inverter Services

    • Check and set electrical connections in the inverter for proper torque
    • Check and record all voltage and amperage readings
    • Cycle through and record inverter readings to ensure the system is performing optimally and is consistently producing with the amount of solar panels being fed into the inverter

    Balance Of System

    • Check and set electrical connections in each junction box, disconnect, etc.
    • Check conduit and conduit fittings to ensure they are watertight and not fractured

    Other Services 

    • Battery replacement
    • Meter upgrades/panel upgrades

    For Real Estate Professionals

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