Recently, we have been hearing about a direct-seller competitor and what looks like a Bait-and-Switch tactic. They sell a system which includes discounts that seem to be a great deal. However, when it comes time to install, the homeowner is offered different panels. They are cheaper (and not as high producing), but the former discounts disappear. The homeowner is left with a lower-performing system.

How can you avoid problems like this? Here are some guidelines:


If possible, check their North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP’s) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification. If they are not certified, be sure they have significant experience and that their reviews demonstrate that.

Licenses & Insurance

Check their backgrounds to be sure they have all the professional documentation to support their ability to perform the scope of work you require.

Track Record & Experience

Because the solar industry is expanding, many professionals from various backgrounds have extended their work to solar installations. Be sure that the companies you review have the solar experience that will lead to a successful, satisfying result. They should be able to discuss and show you past projects.

Reputation in the market

Look for solar reviews in a number of places to gauge the satisfaction of the company’s customers. Look beyond their own website. Find independent sources to determine their true reputation.


The right system will have comprehensive warranties that are easy to work with. Ask about how the warranty on each component of your system will work. With solar systems provided by Sea Bright, all panels, inverters, etc., are made and warranted by a single company—the best warranty in the business.

Find out how much you can save at Sea Bright Solar and ask about our experience, qualifications, and track record – we think you’ll be impressed.